Take America Back From Liberals


In this Election, voters will have a ballot and a voice.

I join with others thanking our Service Men & Women for protecting and preserving this awesome Freedom and Liberty! May our citizens join in prayer for their protection and safe return.

The differences between the Republican conservative platforms and those of the liberal Democrats are huge.  

Democrats tend to look to the government for the solution to the problem. Bigger government & higher taxes.

Republicans tend to look to the government as the source of the problem. Less government & lower taxes and tax cuts.   I believe a vote for Democrats will likely lead to more of the San Francisco model of morality standards being normalized and taught as mandatory school curriculum forced upon our children.

Pro-Choice = Pro-Death and innocent babies lives will be snuffed out.

The Hope and Change promised by Barrack Hussein Obama, is smoke and mirrors, political double talk.    

A vote for Republicans will lead to more Judeo/Christian or Biblical Traditional Family values & standards being promoted and modeled.

Pro-Life = Life and the lives of innocent babies will be guarded & protected.

The Hope and Change promised by our Creator God, is far more meaningful, and can benefit Conservatives & Liberals alike.    

Liberal Democrats will keep our Nation on the path to Socialism. This path has already put other Nations into ruin.

Republicans Bill Haslam, Mae Beavers, Diane Black and Mark Pody will embrace and advance Free Market Capitalism. This path is what has brought America to world prominence. Fiscal sanity must be restored!  

Voters of Cannon County, our future is at stake! Good jobs are as scarce as confidence in our current Democrat controlled Congress. Don't fall for slick campaign ads or last minute character attacks.  

Know where each of the Candidates stand on every issue that is important to you, before you vote!  

Take Back America-Vote Smart-Vote Republican www.valuevotersusa.org  

I will join with many in Cannon County for a Take Back America Republican Victory Party on Election night at Joe's Place & on the Courthouse Square!  

Matt Studd
Woodbury, TN