Suspects wanted in multiple vandalism charges

Police responded to seven reports of car windows being shot out in downtown Woodbury with a BB or air-soft gun over the weekend.

 In one incident, a picture window was shot out as well.

 Officer Tracey Stoetzel responded to a call where multiple shots were fired at an apartment on East High Street.

 The resident said “that when he heard the first shot, he got up and went to the window and saw what looked to be a red Ford pickup truck facing the apartment with the headlights shining into the window making visibility limited,” Stoetzel reported.

The victim heard two more shots while calling 911, the officer said.

 The passenger side window of the East High Street resident’s car was destroyed along with a taillight. The picture frame window of the apartment was also shattered.

 On Dillon Street, a 2004 Honda Accord’s passenger window was shattered. The car’s owner was sitting on his front porch when heard a loud popping noise that sounded like a gun. He witnessed a silver or grayish SUV drive by. The motorist(s) sped off when they spotted the witness.

 Assistant Chief Lowell Womack discovered a BB in a vehicle that had the driver’s side rear window shot out on Hayes Street. He also investigated a similar incident onLehman Streetwhere the passenger side window was broken out.

 Womack reported on a Chevy Suburban that had the driver’s and the left rear windows shot out on Greenbriar Street.

 “There was only one hole in each window which appeared to be a small caliber, possibly a BB or pellet,” Womack said.

 Stoetzel was dispatched to another incident onSouth McCrary Streetwhere the passenger side window of a 2002 Saturn Vue was shot out.

 “Due to having previous calls for shattered windows it is believed that the same subject or subjects who were responsible for the other vandalisms were also responsible for this case as well,” Stoetzel reported.

 On Sunday, Jan. 13, officer Brent Brock investigated a similar vandalism report onPowell Street.

 A witness said two individuals running from her driveway and onto Powell Street. Both were wearing blue jeans and black hoodies.

 The incidents are all still under investigation.