Stop The Name Calling And Vote


I was shocked by   the caption stating Democrats Destroying America,  Local Republicans Claim. The article states the Republican's mission is Good Verses Evil.  Commissioner Studd was quoted "the Democrats have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that their party is rebellion against God almighty". Democrats LIVE  in rebellion to God is further stated in the article.

I do not see how either party can be classified as good or evil. There are items in the Democrat's platform on which I do not agree. Are there not items on the Republican's platform on which you people do not agree? What about we went to war in Iraq because  Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. None were found. Cutting the deficit is a big concern for all of us;  however, the war has caused  a large portion of the deficit.  I ask  you to remember  that under George W. Bush's watch  we  went to war  on a lie. To declare one party good and the other party evil is a little far fetched.  I venture to say there is good and evil in both parties.

I have lived my entire life in Cannon County and never have I heard of such.  I  worship with and  have friends that are Republicans. I have never hated them because of their political beliefs. I  have served on the election commission with Republicans and hatred has not been shown to each other. Since Senator Beavers replaced the Republican members  and  the Election Administrator changed,  I have heard how the Democrats have done things wrong for years and everything is being cleaned up. A lot of these accusations were unfounded and did not even apply in our county and even if they did, there was a viable explanation.

Now everyone is to believe, we the Democrats, are the Anti-Christ, in full rebellion against God.  It is stated by some that you can't be a Democrat and a Christian. This is another FEAR TACTIC.  My bible teaches to love one another and we are not to judge one another. Not loving one another and judging others is a sin.

I value our Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Christian values upon which our country is founded.

I resent the name calling and accusations. While our election process may not be perfect, it is still the best in the world. I urge everyone to learn about the candidates and VOTE.

Sue Patrick
Woodbury, TN