Spry Awarded Phillips Scholarship

Spry Awarded Phillips Scholarship

The J.R. Phillips Memorial Scholarship is given by The Arts Center of Cannon County in memory of Mr. Rannie Earl Phillips, Jr., better known as "J.R."

In his short time here in Woodbury, J.R. was on stage in over 10 Arts Center productions and was actively involved in much more behind the scenes.

J.R. was a young man full of energy and excitement for life whose time with us was too short.  With a constant smile on his face and an infectious laugh, he touched the hearts of many.  His legacy lives on through the recipients of this annual award. The Arts Center is proud to honor the life of this amazing young man.

The scholarship of $300 is awarded annually to a graduating high school senior who is actively involved at The Arts Center of Cannon County.

The applicant must provide a portfolio of involvement in the arts and must indicate how they will remain active in the arts. The 2011 J.R. Phillips Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Ms. Carly Spry.