Son Smashes Up Mom’s Place

An argument between a son and his mother resulted in expensive damage to the mom’s residence.

Cannon County Sheriff’s Deputy Travis Turney and Sgt. Randy Neal were dispatched to 186 Cobb Lane on May 8 in reference to an unknown situation. Cannon County 911 advised deputies a phone call was placed by a resident stating they needed the police and would not give details.

Upon arrival the officers were met by Amy Tribble, who stated her son, Devon Tribble, had been at her residence at around 6 a.m. when an argument ensured between them. Amy stated Devon had a baseball bat and smashed the glass out of the front door, placed holes in the walls in the living room and bedroom, broke a mirror in the living room and also damaged a guitar in the residence.

Amy also stated she had noticed seven DVD movies missing since the incident.

Amy said she was in fear during the argument and left the residence to go to her mother’s house to cool down, at which point she called the sheriff’s department.

Damage to the residence was estimated to exceed $1,000.

Deputy Turney took warrants out on Devon Tribble for vandalism, theft and aggravated assault. He was arrested later that day on Sunny Slope Road after he called the sheriff’s department and said he wanted to turn himself in.