Something Fishy: Women Charged With Theft

A woman who worked as a volunteer for the Auburntown Fire Department has had theft charges filed against her by the Cannon County Sheriff’s Dept.

Brittne Hope Fauls, 108 W. Colonial St., Woodbury, was charged with theft over $1,000 and theft under $500 by Deputy Travis Turney on April 16.

Following an investigation by the sheriff’s department, Fauls was charged with taking over $2,000 from the Auburntown Fire Dept. on or about March 19 and approximately $400 on or about April 16.

Fauls, who ran a cash register during the monthly fish fries held by the department, admitted to stealing over $2,000 over a six month period while being interviewed.

The case is still under investigation and additional charges may be filed.

Bond was set at $4,000. Initial court date is June 7.