Soldier Thanks Those Who Sent Letters Of Support

Soldier Thanks Those Who Sent Letters Of Support

Tim Kosirog of the U.S. Air Force greets Woodbury Nursing Center resident Joyce Rogers Tuesday.
A soldier who grew up in Cannon County took time Tuesday to thank those who sent him letters while he was station overseas thanking him for his service.

Tim Kosirog, a member of the United State Air Force, visited the Woodbury Nursing Center to express his appreciation to residents who sent him cards and letters while he was in State of Qatar, an Arab emirate in the Middle East.

Kosirog, who currently lives in DeKalb County and graduated from high school there, spent one year and four months in Qatar serving as a military policeman.

He has ties to Cannon County, including an uncle and aunt, James and Kim Kosirog. Kim works at the nursing center. They live in the Bradyville community.

Kosirog has been home for about a month, and will spend another four to five months in the states before deploying overseas again.