Society Formed For American Rednecks

A new society has been formed to help perhaps the largest segment of American society ... rednecks.

According to the organization's website, the American Redneck Society was formed to benefit its members. There are valuable benefits today and additional benefits that will come as our numbers increase. When lots of people join together, their numbers result in buying-power and influence. Imagine the buying power and market-influence of an association whose sole purpose is to represent and benefit the millions of rednecks in this country.


So, who is a redneck? There’s no simple or complete answer to that question. We believe that the creed of the American Redneck Society is a good place to start. American rednecks include hunters (up to 45 million people ), owners of pickup trucks (38 million ), NASCAR racing fans (75 million ) and gun-owners (80 million ).  And, of course, just about anyone will find a “you know you’re a redneck if” joke that applies to them. “Whether they know it or not, these folks represent an incredible economic force, both from the standpoints of productivity and consumer spending. ”

There seem to be associations for just about every group of people ... those over age 50, biologists, accountants, dentists and so on. There’s even an association of associations. Each association is designed to benefit its membership. Yet, there is no credible association of rednecks ... designed to serve the millions and millions of rednecks in this country.

We enjoy much of the “redneck” humor that has become popular among many comedians. As such, rednecks certainly do have a sense of humor. However, rednecks are much more than the punch-line of jokes. An important purpose of the American Redneck Society is to “spit-polish” the image of rednecks.

We aim to shine the light on positive characteristics of the redneck culture. One such characteristic is a love of country and respect for core American values . . . those held by our founding fathers, not liberals in politics and media. For these reasons, the American Redneck Society’s motto is: “sense of country, sense of humor.”

Our primary goal is to build a membership of rednecks based upon valuable member benefits worth much, much more than our modest annual, membership fee.

Ten percent of every membership fee will be set aside in the “Redneck Scholarship Fund” as our way of helping rednecks in need to improve their lot in life by pursuing a college education.

With numbers, the founders of the American Redneck Society will form a political action committee to represent the political interests of its members, a committee that will have no allegiance to any particular party.