Siblings Quarrel Over Taking Care Of Mother

A local man who just couldn’t stop talking would up at the Cannon County Jail this week.

Cannon County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve McMillen responded to 2510 Pleasant View Rd. on May 31 following a report of a verbal domestic incident.

On arrival Deputy McMillen spoke with James Hodges, who stated that he and his sister, Sally Woodward, had been arguing about taking care of their mother.

After speaking with Hodges, Deputy McMillen then went to speak with Woodward. During the time the deputy was trying to talk to her, Hodges started interrupting to the point he could not hear Woodward.

Deputy McMillen advised Hodges to be quite, but he continued to interrupt. Deputy McMillen again advised Hodges to be quite, but he failed to do so. The deputy then placed Hodges under arrest on a charge of disorderly conduct.

Hodge was transported to the Cannon County Jail where a warrant was obtained by Deputy McMillen for disorderly conduct and served on Hodges in the booking area. Initial court date is June 28.