Republicans hold big edge in statewide early voting

Persons choosing to vote in the Republican Primary for statewide offices are outnumbering those who vote in the Democratic Primary by a margin of over 2 to 1 across the state during early voting.

According to information posted on the website for the Tennessee Secretary of State, Division of Elections, through Saturday the results showed a total of 298,856 Early Voting and Absentee votes.

Of those cast so far, 194,914 were in the Republican Primary and 93,589 in the Democratic Primary.

Republican Primary voting is eclipsing that in the Democratic Primary in almost every county in Tennessee. In only three counties -- Davidson, Shelby and Lauderdale -- have more people voted in the Democratic Primary.

The totals in Cannon County through Saturday, July 21, are 647 Republican and 231 for Democrat.

Statewide races include those for Governor and U.S. Senate. The are also district races across the state for U.S. House of Representative, Tennessee Senate and Tennessee House of Representative.