Red Cross Blood Drive Results

The results of Thursday's Red Cross Blood Drive. The goal was 46 units. 57 donors signed in, of which 49 were able to donate, 4 of those gave double red cells giving a total of 53 units collected.

The donors who were able to donate are:  Jimmy W. Alexander, Cynthia D. Betts, Robert F. Bogard, Christopher Brushaber, William H. Bryson, Martha Burke, Wallace Burke, Carmella K. Burton, Jeff R. Campbell, Gabriel S. Cantrell, Earl G. Cooper Jr., Barbara Curtis, Randal L. Curtis, Andrew B. Dimartino, Hubert W. Duncan Jr., Mary E. Duncan, James D. Ferrell, Cheryl K. Franklin, Joyce L. Frazier, Rebecca J. Gay, Kay F. Goff, Herbert C. Haley, John Arthur Haugh, Erin T. Higdon, Jonathan B. Higdon, Kayla E. Hindman, Roger G. Hindman, Christopher Johnson, Jennifer M. Johnson, Perry F. Louden, Gina A. Mitchell, Nathan Moore, Stephen R. Moss, Mary A. Parkinson, Rebekah L. Parton, Timothy A. Paul Sr., Steve R. Perkerson, Jan Powell, Gary Wayne Prater, Xavier P. Romero, James Frederick Sabia, Leland Schwamberger, Jonathan Scurlock, Steve A. Smith, Judy P. Stacey, Pamela J. Steakley, Brittany A. Stluka, Micki M. Vinson, and Howard W. Witty.

Jimmy W. Alexander donated his 6th gallon, Gabriel S. Cantrell his 2nd Gallon, Hubert W. Duncan Jr. his 3rd gallon, and Timothy A. Paul Sr. his 4th gallon

Robert F. Bogard, Christopher Brushaber, John Authur Haugh, and Timothy A. Paul Sr. all gave double red blood cells.

The next blood drive will be January 19, 2012.