Public Notices for May 14, 2019



In Re: ROYCE LORENZO MAGANA (DOB 10/31/12), a minor child under eighteen years of age

This cause came to be heard on the 15th day of April, 2019, before the Honorable Royce Taylor, Judge of the Chancery Court for Cannon County, Tennessee, upon motion for service of process by publication, filed by the petitioners, Zulma I. Alfaro Gomar and Candido A. Solorzano, with the court noting that the co-respondent, Pablo Castro, failed to object to said motion or otherwise appear in court on the morning of the hearing and based upon statements 'of counsel in the entire record, from all of which the court is of the opinion that said motion is well-taken and is therefore granted.

It is, therefore, ORDERED, ADJUDGED, and DECREED that pursuant to T.C.A. 21-1-204, publication shall issue regarding the petition for termination of parental rights a nd adoption, filed by the petitioners, for four ( 4) consecutive weeks, totaling thirty (30) days, for the purpose of giving notice to the co-respondent of this proceeding, based upon an attempted service of process of the co-respondent at his last known address, 1150 Sullivan Bend Road, Lebanon, Tennessee 37090, being returned as a result of being unable to serve the co-respondent at said address, and otherwise the petitioners having no further knowledge of the co-respondent's current address, and upon information and belief that the co-respondent has been deported to the country of El Salvador, and there being no other known addresses, either in the United States or in the country of El Salvador where co­respondent can be served.

Entered this the ___ day of April 2019

Attorney for Petitioners
104 North Church Street
Murfreesboro TN 37130

I hereby certify that a true and exact copy of the foregoing order was mailed to co-respondent, Pablo Castro, at his last known address, 1150 Sullivan Bend Road, Lebanon, Tennessee 37090 on this the 23 of April 2019



NOTICE OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE S SALE WHEREAS, default has occurred in the performance of the covenants, terms and conditions of a Deed of Trust dated September 12, 2017, executed by JOSHUA P SUMMERHILL, conveying certain real property therein described to BERT W. MCCARTER, as Trustee, as same appears of record in the Register's Office of Cannon County, Tennessee recorded September 13, 2017, in Deed Book 178, Page 543-553 at Instrument Number 53712; and WHEREAS, the beneficial interest of said Deed of Trust was last transferred and assigned to PennyMac Loan Services, LLC who is now the owner of said debt; andWHEREAS, the undersigned,Rubin Lublin TN, PLLC, having been appointed as Substitute Trustee by instrument to be filed for record in the Register's Office of Cannon County, Tennessee. NOW, THEREFORE, notice is hereby given that the entire indebtedness has been declared due and payable, and that the undersigned, Rubin Lublin TN, PLLC, as Substitute Trustee or his duly appointed agent, by virtue of the power, duty and authority vested and imposed upon said Substitute Trustee will, on June 6, 2019 at 1:00 PM at the County Courthouse Square, Cannon County Courthouse, 200 West Main Street, Woodbury, TN 37190, proceed to sell at public outcry to the highest and best bidder for cash or certified funds ONLY, the following described property situated in Cannon County, Tennessee, to wit:BEING ALL OF LOT NO. ONE (1) OF INDIAN SPRING, PHASE IV, AS SHOWN OF RECORD IN PLAT CABINET 2, SLIDE 2- 37B, REGISTER`S OFFICE, CANNON COUNTY, TENNESSEE, TO WHICH REFERENCE IS HERE BY MADE FOR A MORE COMPLETE DESCRIPTION OF SAID TRACT. Parcel ID:


The Woodbury Planning Commission will meet Tuesday, March 21, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at Woodbury City Hall.

Bill Jennings, Chairman

Job Announcement
Financial Director Cannon County, TN

• The Director of Finance shall have BA or BS Degree with a concentration in accounting or finance from an accredited university.

•Must be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) or meet the educational and experience qualifications to sit for those credentialing exams and obtain one of these credentials within 24 months of hire.

•The compensation of the Director of Finance shall be established by the Financial Management Committee subject to the approval of the County Legislative Body. [T.C.A. 5-21-106]

•(5) years of experience in the field of state or local governmental accounting.

•Two (2) years of supervisor or managerial experience.

•Must possess and maintain a valid Driver's License.

•Must Pass a Background Check

•Must Pass a Drug Test

•Pay approximately 75,000 salary based on experience plus benefits

•ADA Compliance / Physical Demand Analysis

•4 - year Contract

•Job duties upon Request

Please submit a resume to
Brent Bush, County Executive,
200 W. Main St, Woodbury, TN 37190
no later than Friday, May 17, 2019.
Resumes received after that date will not be considered.

Cannon County Highway Commission
will be meeting at the office of
Mr. Wayne Hancock, Road Superintendent,
900 Old McMinnville Road • Woodbury, TN 37190
on May 21, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Local Time
Cannon County Highway Department
Mr. Wayne Hancock, Road Superintendent

I. Introduction
Cannon County ("County") seeks to retain the services of a professional consultant ("Consultant") experienced in the development of a plan of the Old Adams Hospital to be in compliance with Fire Codes.

II. Project Description
The selected Consultant will work with the County to conduct an evaluation of the old Hospital to determine how to insure we are in compliance and stay in compliance. Prepare a report of deficiencies, needed improvements, and assist the County with the formulation and preparation of a plan prioritizing the work and setting a timeline to remedy deficiencies and make needed improvements identified during the evaluation. The Consultant will work with the County to define standards, conduct the evaluation, identify and prioritize needed remedies and improvements, develop cost estimates and a proposed timeline, and the Consultant will submit the completed Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan to the County by 10 June, 2019.

III. Schedule
RFP Released 22 April 2019
Pre-Proposal Meeting 29 April 2019
Proposals Due 6 May 2019
Bid Opening 13 May 2019
Optional Interviews 20 May 2019
Contract Award 9 June 2019

IV. Scope of Work
The project includes, but is not limited to, the following items:
• Determine standards for evaluation.
o Conduct on-site inspection and evaluation of Old Adams Hospital
• Prepare a report of any deficiencies or needed improvements, with alternatives for remedying issues where appropriate, together with estimated costs and proposed timeline for completion, in the format of a Fire Codes Transition Plan.
• Assist with presentation of completed Transition Plan to the Cannon County Legislative Body for review and approval. 
V. Pre-Proposal Conference and Additional Information
A non-mandatory pre-proposal conference will be held on 29 April, 2019, at 5:30 p.m. in the office of County Executive, 200 W. Main St, Woodbury, TN 37190 at which time proposers may ask questions and obtain additional information and clarification as needed.

VI. Proposal Contents and Method of Evaluation
Company Overview, Statement of Qualifications, Team Descriptio Points: 15_____
Provide an overview of company and a statement of qualifications for performing this project. Include the names, educational background, and experience of each team member, including any sub-consultants who will work on the project, describing the nature of the work and role of these individuals and/or companies on this project.

Relevant Experience Points: 15____
Describe three to five current projects or projects completed in the last five years, including client information. Preference will be given to proposers who have developed plans for other local governmental entities.

Technical Knowledge Points: 15___
Proposer must show a clear understanding of ADA Title II requirements and related state and federal laws and regulations for the work to be performed.

Project Approach Points: 15___
Describe your understanding of the project and your approach for competing the project, including task details, proposed timeline, and identification of potential cost savings. Provide proposed date for completion of final Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan and presentation to the county legislative body.

References Points: 15____
Provide a minimum of three related business references, including names and contact information with a description of the work performed, and specifically including any other governmental entities for which you have prepared or assisted in the preparation of an ADA Self-Evaluation/Transition Plan.

Cost-Effectiveness Points: 25____
Include projected costs and expenses for your performance of this project, identifying any potential for cost savings to the County when possible.

VII. Optional Interviews
The County may select a short list of the highest scoring proposers for interviews, which will be evaluated based on the same method of evaluation described in Section VI.

VIII. Award of Contract
The County will enter into negotiations with the highest ranked respondent to finalize a contract for the project. If a contract cannot be successfully negotiated with the highest ranked respondent negotiations will be terminated, and the County will enter negotiations with the next highest ranked respondent until an agreement is reached or an impasse is declared.

IX. General Terms and Conditions
The County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive any informality or irregularity in any proposal received, and to be the sole judge of the merits of each proposal received. Final award will be subject to successful negotiation and execution of a contract. The County reserves the right to negotiate a final contract that is in the best interests of the County.

X. Proposal Submittal Instructions
Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope or other sealed container, clearly marked "Fire Codes Compliance Plan Proposal." Please provide one (1) original and ___ copies of your proposal. The original should be marked "Original" with an original ink signature by an individual authorized to represent the proposer.

Submit proposals to:

Brent D. Bush, County Executive
200 W. Main St
Woodbury, TN 37190

Proposals must be received by 10 June, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. local time.


XI. Rights to Submitted Materials
All proposals, responses, inquiries, correspondence, and other materials related to this request for proposals and all documents submitted to the County in response to this request for proposals become the property of the County when received. All documents submitted will become public record.