Public Encouraged To Attend Political Forum Tuesday At CCHS

The US Government Classes of Cannon County High School would like to announce the hosting of a "Political Forum" at Cannon County High School on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 - 7 PM in the High School Cafeteria.
Mr. Doug Combs of WBRY and Mr. Tony Stinnett of the Cannon Courier Newspaper have agreed to participate and cover this event.  This will be broadcast over WBRY, and coverage by the Cannon Courier.
The Political Form format will be:
Welcome - Mr. William F. Curtis, US Government Teacher CCHS & CCHS Principal Mr. Tim Knox
Introduction of Candidates or Representatives of Candidates/Campaigns:  Mr. Doug Combs
Those candidates participating are:

Mrs. Mae Beavers - Candidate for State Senate

Mr. George McDonald - Candidate for State Senate

Mr. Stratton Bone - State House of Representatives

Mr. Mark Pody -  State House of Representatives                
Opening Statements of the Candidates 5 minutes each; then Questions submitted by WBRY Listeners, Cannon County Courier Readers, Cannon County US Government Students, and audience members.
Questioning would continue until 7:50 PM when each candidate would then give closing statements of 2 minutes each.  (Times may be adjusted depending on participation by candidates.)
Mr. Doug Combs of WBRY will moderate the Political Forum with Mr. Tony Stinnett, myself,  and members of the audience including students asking questions.
A time of refreshments immediately following will be provided by the Cannon County FCCLA Club.
The entire Cannon County Community is invited to participate in this Political Forum and interact with the candidates.
Wm. Freddy Curtis