Persistent Pill Popper Sent To Jail

A man who can’t seem to kick his habit of taking prescription medications was sent to jail Monday in Cannon County Circuit Court.

Mark Randall Robinson pled guilty to Violation of Probation 2nd Offense and was ordered to serve his original sentence of four years by Judge Robert E. Corlew.

Robinson was convicted in 2009 of Conspiracy to Committee Theft Over $10,000 and was placed on state supervised probation for four years.

His second probation violation stemmed from failing a drug screen, failing to report to his probation officer, failing to pay court fees, and from being arrested on a new charge in DeKalb County for allegedly selling and delivering drugs in a drug free zone.

With respect to his drug addiction problem, Robinson told the court Tuesday, “I can’t beat it myself, I have to have help.” He was seeking to have the court order him to receive long-term inpatient treatment.

However, Judge Corlew said that while he had empathy for the situation Robinson was in, he had already been given two chances to do the right thing and now the court really had no other choice than to order him to serve time.

In the only other case heard Monday, Theresa Certain had a charge of Violation of Probation reset for Aug. 20. She is also facing new charges in Smyrna on an unrelated matter.