Peebles Charged With Cocaine Possession

Kermit J. Peebles III, 105 Greenbriar St., Woodbury, was charged with possession of a Schedule II drug, possession of drug paraphernalia, DUI 1st Offense and violation of the implied consent law on July 15 following a traffic stop by Woodbury Patrolman John Fesmire on McFerrin St.

Peebles was found to be in possession of a white powder believed to be cocaine. It was found in a rolled up ticket in Peebles’ pocket. Its appearance was consistent with that of cocaine. When asked, Peebles stated it was cocaine.

Peebles was also found to be in possession of a set of digital scales following a consensual search of his vehicle. Peebles said he ingested cocaine 90 to 120 minutes before the traffic stop. Field sobriety tests supported the assertion Peebles was under the influence.

He refused to submit to a blood test. Bond was set at $2,500. Initial court date is Aug. 23.