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Statue of Liberty,

Jimmie Lee Sudduth

(1910-2007), Alabama

Mud, organic materials, paint/pencil on plywood, 48 x 18.5,

Caldwell Collection of Self Taught Art

Jimmie Lee Sudduth began painting in early childhood, experimenting in what became his signature style. Sudduth painted with mud, sweet liquids (used to harden the mud), and additives such as berries or soot (used for color). He applied this mixture with his fingers onto plywood or other salvaged materials. As he became well known as an artist, Sudduth had the opportunity to travel with his art, including to New York. His experience in the city found its way into his paintings like with "Statue of Liberty." Not only does the painting reflect his memories but also his imagination as he gives a different character to the iconic symbol.

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