Pace Pleads Guilty To Public Intoxication

Judge Susan Melton presided over Cannon County General Sessions Court on Tuesday.  Some of the results from the various cases which appeared on the docket included:
Linda Pace pled guilty to the charge of public intoxication.  She was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail.  That sentence was partially suspended upon an equal amount of time on probation, serving 7 days in jail, paying a $50.00 fine and paying the court costs.
Eugeneo Hernandez was appointed an attorney and reset for October 5, 2010.  He is charged with violation of probation.
Nathan Carmack was appointed an attorney and reset for October 26, 2010.  He is charged with driving on a suspended license.
The remaining cases on the docket were simple traffic violations and civil cases.  In the civil matters, Judge Melton either held a hearing or entered an agreed judgment.  The simple traffic defendants either pled guilty and were ordered to pay a fine and court costs or were allowed to attend driver safety school.