OPINION: Obama's Inexperience Is Gushing To The Top


Dear Editor:

Some observations on BP's underwater "oil gusher": This well has been producing thousands of barrels of oil daily into our Gulf waters and onto our coasts now for two (2) months with no end in sight.

BP's CEO, Tony Hayward, and our esteemed leader, Barack Obama, haven't a clue about what to do to stop the spill or clean it up. Their only concern seems to be to save face and place the blame somewhere else.

Hayward and Obama appear to be the two most inept and incompetent individuals around. I have seen a dozen or more people on Fox News Channel that have demonstrated various ways to clean up the oil spill, but BP and the Obama White House have shown no interest when
contacted by these people.

Now I see where private citizens are cleaning up some of the oil spill with "shop vacs". They say they can pick up ninety (90%) percent crude oil and about ten (10%) percent water.

Obama has appointed a White House full of people, including almost forty (40) Czars and nothing has improved yet. Maybe he needs and oil spill Czar.

I have heard of what can happen when inexperienced people are put in positions of responsibility. Now I can see it.

Bill E. Asbury
3996 Porterfield Rd.
Readyville, TN