Nichols Retires After 44 Years Of Public Services


Nichols Retires After 44 Years Of Public Services

Longtime friend and former schoolmate Wayne Duggin honors Donna Nichols during her retirement party Friday.
Donna Nichols retired after 44 years with State of Tennessee Friday. Donna began her career with the Welfare Program and continued to work as it changed to the Department of Human Services and now The Department of Child Services.

Donna is the wife of Eddie Nichols of Hurricane Creek Road in Auburntown and the daughter of Winfred and Sara Gaither. Eddie and Donna had two children, Andy (deceased) and Sara Dru. Sara has given them two grandsons.

Donna retires as a Case Manager 2. She was given a retirement party at the Madden Hall of First Baptist Church of Woodbury by her friends. She said to the crowd gathered “44 years sounds like a long time, but it has flown by.”

Good Luck Donna!