News from the Mountain


Since we all need to keep up with what's going on in our world, I was watching the news this morning drinking my coffee with of course, the hazelnut creamer in it. I just can't drink my coffee black like a lot of people do. Temperature around 20 or so and that is pretty cold for us up here on the mountain. Luckily, I've got my electric throw to keep me extra warm in the recliner. Sure glad I live here in Tennessee with its winter season not as bad for us as they have it in other states. Reporter was telling about major pileups of cars, pickups, and semis on the interstates in Ohio and Michigan yesterday. Three people were confirmed dead in Michigan from the tangled mess of vehicles and several were injured. Winter weather expecially up north from us and out west becomes so treacherous in such a short period of time. This is one of those mornings where you need a 2nd cup of coffee to get you warmed up and in go-go gear. I think my 2nd cup of coffee was better than the first one or it just may be that I'm more awake now. All I know is the coffee hit the spot.

We got a slow steady rain Sunday night into Monday morning that could soak in the ground and do some good finally to help out with our drought. Forgot to put out the rain gauge but others around here thinking we got over an inch of rainfall. With water standing everywhere, I am in agreement with their calculation. Even though the rain has moved out for the most part, it is one more dreary day that we're dealing with now with the cloudy skies and cooler temperatures.

Please be praying for the following people: Carlon and Mai Nell Melton, Charlie Mai Daniel, Denise Stanton, Edith Miller, the families who lost their loved ones in the fires that engulfed Gatlinburg, the families who lost their kids in the bus crash in Chattanooga, and also, the families who have lost loved ones in these house and mobile homes that have burned here lately in our state. On the news tonight so far in 2016, 102 lives have been lost in fires. They said this total was up from 69 killed in fires last year. Quite a jump in tragedies for so many families this year compared to last year. Smoke detectors a must to have and keeping a check on candles you might be burning and making sure heaters are kept away from curtains and comforters, or anything else that could catch on fire. Double or even triple check all of the above I have mentioned, before you retire at night just to make sure a tragedy doesn't happen at your house.

For God gave His only begotten Son to die for us on that ole rugged cross and give us eternal life with Him in forgiving us of our sins. Think this Christmas about Jesus and what He means to you and do thank Him for the sacrifice He made for you and me when you celebrate His birthday. He did this because He loved us. Shouldn't He be the most important one in your life? Every thought, every prayer you pray He knows it all. Never are you alone as He only has unconditional love for you as you are His child and He is your heavenly Father that will always be there for you in good times and bad times. We need to acknowledge Him each and everyday, because we are nothing without Him in our lives. Before the Christmas celebrations begin, celebrate Jesus with praise and worship at each family fathering. No truer friend has ever existed for you and me. This world has nother - we have everything in Jesus Christ.

Wanted to let you know about the mole uprising about in my back door. I think the bubble gum has done its job once again on them. If it's the 'little green men' in those mounds, well, I guess it works on them too.

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I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee. Jeremiah 31:3