News from the Mountain


Halloween just a couple of weeks away so hope you've gotten or soon will get the candy to treat the little ones that will be coming your way.

Even scarier is election day not long after Halloween is over. Just joking. Got your attention though didn't it? I only hope that everyone that is registered to vote do just that - vote! Don't let this day pass by and not vote. It only takes a few minutes and it is so worth it. There may be a time when our freedom to vote will be taken away from us. Only God knows what the future holds for us. A nation that has stopped honoring God like so many have done have only themselves to blame if someday we find ourselves in that position. I can only say that if people are not intelligent enough to read that "handwriting on the wall" that has been there for quite a while now, then heaven help them. Stand your ground and vote your gut-feeling about the candidate you feel would want to do what is best for all the people of this country. Our nation is at a dangerous crossroads we've not been at before. All around us are people that want to destroy what we hold so dear and that is the freedom we have here in America. Decade after decade the morals of the people we entrusted with running our government have failed to miserably. Instead of taking care of the home-front, that being America, they only took care of themselves and have become so passive and non-caring as to the selling out of America to the enemy. You either value your country and take care of it by upholding what the constitution proclaims or bow down to the evil that wants to do us in. You can't bargain with the enemy. Our armed forces need to be the best equipped in the world. Whatever it takes to keep our freedom from being taken away, we must fight diligently at every level of preserve. Never did I think I would see so many so-called intelligent people sell out their souls, but that's exactly all that I can see that has happened with the back door left wide open for any low-life to slither in. You might not be ashamed of the people who are holding offices in Washington, D.C, but I sure am be it either party the chips may fall in. Why are these people not listening to what we want to hear from them? Quit the mud-slinging and get down to talking about the issues that are affecting us, the average people, that are so important in our lives.

Spotted my first woolly worm the other day in Aubrey's shop and it was all orange. Our winter might just be a mild one after-all as not a trace of black was on the little fella. The verdict is still out as I do need to see more woolly worms. This is an old tale I know that has been passed down over the years, but it's worth checking out I think.

Hummingbird feeders are down now and the bird feeders are up. It's like the changing of the guard as a summer season left us too quickly. Fall hanging in there a little bit longer until the winter season will be taking us over with its cold, dreary and drizzly days of sleet, snow and ice to keep us in until March ushers in the milder temperatures of spring.

Please continue to pray for the following people: the family of Chloe Evelyn Bogle, Fay Pitts, Ruth Brown, Edith Miller, Denise Stanton, Carlon and Mai Nell Melton and also Charlie Mai Daniel.

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To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1