News from the Mountain


Hi and hope everyone is doing fine this Saturday morning. First half of the day will be okay before a cold front comes through this afternoon. Trying not to think about the temps getting down into the twenties tonight around here but the weather people are predicting just that. I guess an extra log or two on the fire will do the trick for those that have the wood heat. In my opinion, you just can't beat that wood heat, because it will warm you through and through.

I'm wondering if anyone way on Channel 5 News I think it was Friday morning about the cucumbers and those cats. Placing a cucumber behind a cat while it was eating from its bowl sure turned out to be hilarious. When the cat would look around and see the cucumber, it would throw one more fit jumping up in the air or against the wall and take off running as fast as it could to get away from it. They showed several clips of different cats that were scared this way. Even the news anchors were laughing over the way the cats acted and wondered why they were so scared of the cucumber. I guess the cats would have thought it was a snake maybe. This would have been right up "Aubrey's" alley as he was always having so much fun with my cats. This, I know, he would have loved doing to them and more than once I assure you.

The birthday party for Clyde and I has been moved up to Friday, December 11th, because some band members had other plans on Saturday. The picking and singing will be starting around 5:00 pm that evening. Will be a wonderful night to celebrate out birthdays and looking forward to everyone having one great time. Debby hasn't said anything about the candles for the cake. That is very odd. Last year no "little green men" candles did Debby find to put on our cake and that was just fine with me. She's being tight-lipped about the whole birthday thing and so is Bobby. I don't know if anything is going on behind the scenes but most likely there is and i's probably more than I need to know about. Green carpet - green bath mats are ready to be put down. It would have been a good gesture on those little aliens' part to have returned the items they took but now they are forever banned from any social events that we may have around here in the future. Thought it would put us back quite a few dollars in replacing those expensive lights, but somebody in the crowd broke into their piggy bank and took care of that very critical expense with their change. Isn't that the American way to help in a situation when "push comes to shove" and no hope for a solution seems possible? Such a patriotic act has this one person so unselfishly done to save the day. Need to get a Kleenex out I believe as this is so touching. Comes to my mind about apply pie, and seeing the USA in a Chevrolet (only a Chevy ranks up there in a song about it, because let's face it, they are class all the way). Let off in left field a little bit being over joyed with how people will step up to the plate and hit a home run when it's the nninth inning, 2 outs and the count is 3 & 2 ( no pun intened) to win the game. The Babe, Mickey, and Roger knew how to deliver in the clutch as well. Those were the days.

Loved Mike West's (Courier Editor) column "Dieting Doesn't Make for Great Thanksgiving". I give you a big thumbs up on that Mike as this is not the time to go "Cold Turkey". It's just too close to the big day that only comes around once a year ya know. Get a (Smaller Plate) of food that day and eat the food you know you can't do without. Remember do not double or triple deck it. That would defeat the purpose of cutting back on the eating so much. You've been around for quite a while now, probably many years ahead of me, so your willpower should really be intact and you should have that momentum built up now that you can do this and not kill yourself off before your time. I've fallen off the wagon on this eating too much at Thanksgiving so many times the wagon is kept down at my neighbors barn out of sight. If its out of sight -its out of mind or that is what works for me. Maybe you should just focus on the other holiday Christmas. That would give you ample times since its about a month away.

Keep these people in prayer: Fay Pitts, Ruth Brown, Kathy Martin, the family of Wanda Zeh, the family of Brenda Vanderpool, Denise Stanton, Edith Miller and Carlon and Mai Nell Melton and also Tracy Neal.
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We walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7