News from the Mountain


Getting used to these sunny fall days like I am aren't you? Nothing wrong with that and what simply beautiful scenery we have up here on the mountain to captivate us especially this time of the year. Of course, we know the stage is being set for much cooler weather a little later on, but we'll just enjoy what we have going on for right now and take it all in. So many people do not get to experience nature's extra- ordinary beauty as we around here do. They, in my opinion, are really missing out on quite a treat.

Got to spend a little time talking to Marie Ford Sunday afternoon. She is a dear sweet person and a good friend of ours.
Haunted Woods taking place up here this weekend. Never been to the event but I've heard enough about how scary it is- so I'll just be passing it up. It could you know be a whole lot scarier if the "little green men" stopped in to check it out. What would a person do if confronted by a few of the little aliens walking around in the woods? Passing out on the spot (probably your best bet) and you just might live to tell the story to others later on. Deciding to run in the opposite direction you had better be high-stepping it as I've heard rumors the aliens can beat the best runners in a track meet on any day of the week. That "invisible cow" might just want to get in on this kid of action. Sure to be one more wild night on the mountain, if unexpected visitors emerge in those woods.

Some people to be praying for: Jeff Brown, Ruth Brown, Fay Pitts, Tracy Neal, Edith Miller, Kathy Martin, Denise Stanton, Carlon and Mai Nell Melton, Billy Eudean Pack and also Gracie Bratcher and Donna Lawson and Wanda Zeh.

Ann Warren and family doing well. Talked with Ann on Wednesday evening.

Ruth Brown not feeling too good on Wednesday. Do keep Ruth in your prayers.

Was watching CBS evening news the other day and still they keep talking about that lion that was killed by that big game hunter. I believe the guy had paid $55,000 to hunt. The first time I heard about the lion being killed, of course, I hated to hear that like everyone else did. What bothers me about this is way too much publicity all over the world about this lion -- yet there's certainly not that much uproar over the killing of babies by abortion everyday in this country. Something definitely not right here as human beings lives should take precedence over an animal's life in every instance.

Have you got your candy for Halloween yet? I haven't either. Will get with the program in a few days to remedy the situation. As I have mentioned to your before, I do believe the kid does come out in me as I have about as much fun as the little ones do that night. Hopefully, I will have several trick or treaters this year.

Splendid Thursday morning even if it is somewhat cool. I'll get out later on and try to get our yard mowed as the weatherman said a line of showers possible coming through during the early morning hours on Friday. Mowed Aubrey's mom and dad's place on Monday. Over the weekend temperatures are going to dip into the low sixties and also a chance of scattered frost around here come Sunday morning. It is, of course, that time of the year for that to happen and "frost on the pumpkin" we will most likely see.

I really never get used to winter dropping in on us ever though I know it's coming. Winter winds, sleet and snow coming through the 'ole peach orchard' not a pleasant thought at all, since I am so cold-natured. Gas furnace I've had going for a few days to take the chill off on these past few mornings. People are getting their firewood ready to be able to take on the coldness of the winter season. Sure hope it's a mild winter for all of us.
Mai Nell Melton and family doing pretty good at this time. Gracie Bratcher also still improving.

Always take the time to give thanks and praise to Him for holding you up and getting you through the trials you somehow find yourself going through and you don't know how to handle them. God will definitely never let you down as He has a perfect plan in mind for you, if you will just let go and let Him work His mighty power in your life. The only true friend you have is God.
If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at 615-563-4429. Have a great day!

The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; The God of my rock; in Him will I trust. 2 Samuel 22: 2,3