Motion To Allow Sunday Beer Sales Fails

A motion to allow beer sales on Sunday in Cannon County (by stores operating outside Woodbury and Auburntown) failed during the monthly meeting of the Cannon County Commission Tuesday night at the courthouse.

The county commissioners also took the following actions at Tuesday meeting:

• Adobted a resolution to rescind a previously passed resolution to have a referendum to increase the local option sales tax in Cannon County. The matter may be addressed again at the commission's June meeting, if commissioners decide to place a referendum on the ballot for the Aug. 2 County General Election.

• Adopted a resolution to amend the county's personnel policy to discontinue offering health insurance to Cannon County Government retires. The county stopped offering post-employment benefits two years ago but the commission had not made it official policy.

• Adopted a resolution to establish an Archives and Records Management fee of $5. The fee will apply to documents filed in all county offices creating public records, including but not limited to the County Clerk, the County Trustee, the Sheriff, the County Assessor, the County Executive and the County Legislative Body (but not including the Register of Deeds and Clerks of Courts).

• Adopted a resolution to increase the Litigation Taxes in General Sessions Court in Cannon County from $12 to $15.

See next week's Cannon Courier print edition for additional coverage of Tuesday's meeting.

In other county government business Tuesday, the Cannon County Industrial Development Board was unable to hold a meeting due to the lack of a quorum.

This Thursday, meetings of the Cannon County Budget Committee and the Cannon County Audit Committee are scheduled at the courthouse. The Budget Committee will begin the process of reviewing the proposed budget for the 2012-2012 fiscal year.