Meth maker nabbed

By MIKE WEST/ Courier Editor

Two Woodbury men were arrested on meth-related charges by the Cannon County Sheriff's Department.

"On Sept. 9, 2013, I was contacted by a confidential informant that Henry Clay Hollandsworth was back to his old ways of manufacturing methamphetamine," reported Investigator Brandon Gullett.

After a check with the NPLEx drug registry, Gullett obtained a search warrant for Holland-worth's home on Parker Street in Woodbury.

Assisted by Investigator Anthony Young, Deputy Scooter Mankin, Reserve Deputy Roger Young and Woodbury Police Officer Chris Brown, raided Hollandsworth's home.

Taken into custody were Hollandsworth and David Wayne Jones.

Once they were read their Miranda rights, Hollandsworth admitted that a meth lab was located in the back bedroom of the home.

Sheriff Darrell Young, Investigator Young and Gullett discovered lithium batteries, drain crystals, lighter fluid, Claritin-D cold tablets and the other meth makings.

They also discovered a large mirror and a razor blade on a desk in the bedroom. A police scanner set to the Sheriff's Department radio frequency was also found.

Once the evidence was photographed and seized the two suspects were transported to the county jail.

In his statement to police, Hollandsworth admitted that he first used meth in 1968 and has been using it ever since, Gullett said.

Hollandsworth was charged with initiation of meth manufacture and with maintaining a dwelling with intent.

Jones was charged with initiation of meth manufacture and with possession of drug paraphernalia. A hearing was set for both men at Oct. 8 in General Sessions Court.