Meth Found On Petty Gap Road

Tuesday afternoon, May 25, at approximately 3:30 P.M. Sheriff’s Deputy Steve McMillen was dispatched to 440 Petty Gap Road for a report of vandalism.

Deputy McMillen was met by Terri Loftus who stated that her father, William Spradley owns the property and found some suspicious items under a metal wash tub. The items included a one gallon jug of Muriatic acid, some aluminum foil and several coffee filters in a plastic bag.

Upon further investigation Deputy McMillen called for additional officers to respond to the scene. Within a short time Investigators Charlie Wilder, Vance Walker and Sheriff Billy Nichols responded and helped with the investigation and a search of the area where the items were located.

Investigators Wilder and Walker found one coffee filter containing three to five grams of finished product (methamphetamine) with an estimated street value of $500.00.

The items were photographed and taken as evidence by the officers with the investigation continuing.