McGavock home may be most haunted

To this day, blood stains the wooden floors and can be clearly seen in tours of the McGavock home. 

Nearly 1,500 soldiers were buried on the property on land donated by the family.  

The McGavock home is known as the most haunted building in Tennessee.  

Confederate Generals appear to stand watch pacing back and forth along the porches.  The ghosts of children sometimes peer from the Carnton windows.  Some claim to have seen Carrie McGavock herself sitting on one porch in a long pink gown gazing towards the cemetery. 

 Not only do numerous ghosts haunt the house, but the charging of horses accompanied by gun and cannon fire can be heard on the grounds. 

Unexplained moans and sighs rise from the graveyard, and the occasional Confederate soldier can be seen walking through the graves

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