Mark Barker Announces For Re-Election as District 1 Commissioner

Mark Barker Announces For Re-Election as District 1 Commissioner
I, Mark Barker, would like to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for County Commissioner representing the first District of Cannon County.

If you are not acquainted with me, I am a life long resident of the Readyville community. I attended Cannon County schools graduating from Woodbury Central High School in 1973. I then continued my education in 1977.

I am married to the former Cindy Smith of the Eastside community, and we are members of the New Hope Church of Christ. We have two grown children, Luke Barker and Lydia B. Hancock. I own and operate a family farm raising crops and livestock.

My business experience has taught me the importance of strategic planning and budgeting. I have tried to effectively represent the first district and work with the other commissioners on county wide issues.

I approach government from a conservative viewpoint which emphasizes individual responsibility, limited government, and private proeprty rights. The county commission has to often make decisions between opposing viewpoints or decide between worthy causes with limited funds, with which to address them.

The funds of the county come from the pocketbook of taxpayers. I always keep working families and retired citizens in mind when deciding to spend their tax money. Cannon County is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family, and I want the county to continue to be this way.

If I do not get the chance to visit with you, I will take this opportunity to ask for your vote and thank you for your continued support.