Marilyn Bloodworth Seeks First District Commissioner Post

Marilyn Bloodworth Seeks First District Commissioner Post
Do You Know Who Is Representing You In District 1? What Have They Done To Improve Your District?

My name is Marilyn Bloodworth and the reason I have chosen to run for commissioner is because I have lived in District One for 3 years. I have gone to meetings and found many times no one was there to represent the community. I never knew who was representing me. No one that I knew even knocked on my door to let me know he or she was concerned about issues that were important to me. I’ve been an advocate most of my life and have always fought for the underdog. I think it’s important to know who is representing you and whether or not he or she is really the mouthpiece for the people.

I feel if you are going to run for office the first priority should be to the people in your district to represent their issues. What is it that the people want accomplished in their area? It’s sad because I never knew who the Commissioner was in my area, and secondly I can’t see where the District has been served for the better. Unfortunately it is about politics instead of the people. With me it’s going to be about you, your needs, your issues. You have a right to know what’s going on in your district and become involved in decisions that are being made on your behalf. Time out for going through the motions, its now time for transparency and accountability for your actions.

If nothing was accomplished why would you elect the same people who have done nothing for the betterment of your district. I believe its time for a change. You can’t complain if you continue down the same path. Why would you continue down the same path of destruction and know the end result would be death. At least have a fighting chance to know there is someone who is on the battle lines fighting for change. You can’t complain if you are not a registered voter. As a voter you have a voice. If you are not a voter, please register to vote. You can become a mouthpiece as a voter. A Change must come.

Together we can make it better for the people in District One. I want to represent you.