Man Reportedly Runs Repeatedly Into Trees

Trees and a truck were the only things damaged following a recent incident on Black Dog Lane in Bradyville.

James Franklin Kilpatrick, 519 H Parker Road, Bradyville, was charged with Public Intoxication on Oct. 16 by Cannon County Sheriff's Deputy Seth Perry.

Deputy Perry was dispatched to Black Dog Lane following a report of a man crashing his truck into trees.

Upon arrival he saw a black Nissan truck sitting in a field next to Black Dog Lane with the lights on. The vehicle was not running and appeared to be unoccupied.

He approached the vehicle and asked if anyone was inside, but there was no response. Deputy Perry looked closer inside the vehicle and saw a man passed out in the back seat. He asked the man if he was OK and received no response.

The deputy went around to the passenger side and opened the door. Beer bottles fell out when he did.

The deputy shook Kilpatrick and he woke up and asked "what's going on?"

Deputy Perry told him he had hit something with his truck and that he was there in response to report that Kilpatrick had been hitting trees and doing donuts in the field.

Kilpatrick said he was doing fine, refused medical care, and said the property he was on was his. He was taken to the sheriff's department and booked. Initial court date is Nov. 1.