Man Charged With Sending Harassing Messages

A Cannon County man has been charged with sending harassing messages to his ex-wife.

On May 5, Cannon County Deputy Brandon Gullett met with complainant Kimberly Russell Thomas at the sheriff’s department. Thomas stated her ex-husband, Monti Vallaird Tate, had contacted her several times via text messages and also by phone.

Deputy Gullett read the text messages which had been sent to Thomas’ phone and determined they were “vulgar and threatening.”

One text stated Thomas was going to be sorry for calling the police and that he (Tate) was going to make her life a “living hell.”

Deputy Gullett also listened to a voice mail from Tate to Thomas which he reported as being “rude and threatening.”

Deputy Gullett contacted Judical Commissioner Nile Young and an arrest warrant for harassment was issued for Tate.

Deputies Steve McMillen and Reed Bryson went to 9014 Hollow Springs Road on May 6 and arrested Tate on a charge of phone harassment. Tate was served the arrest warrant in the booking room of the Cannon County Jail. His initial court appearance is set for June 7.