Man Booted From Probation Office Charged With DUI

Man Booted From Probation Office Charged With DUI

A man who was kicked out of the local probation office for drinking was charged with DUI on Oct. 5.

Cannon County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Gullett reported he was on his way home on that date when he observed a small vehicle headed toward him on Highway 53 South. The vehicle then made a sharp turn into the Cannon Market lot. As Deputy Gullett got closer the vehicle pulled out in front of him.

The deputy then observed the interior light come on inside the vehicle the as it veered into the opposite lane of travel. He then pulled in behind the vehicle as it took off going southbound on 53S. Deputy Gullett pursued the vehicle south toward Manchester at speeds ranging from 80 to 100 mph before getting it to stop at Pelham’s Auto Salvage.

Upon making contact with the driver, Richard Wayne Erquhart, 2639 Eugene Reed Rd., Woodbury, Deputy Gullett could detect an odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from the vehicle and Erquhart.

The deputy asked Erquhart where he was going in a such a hurry, to which Erquhart stated he was coming from the probation office in Woodbury. Erquhart said he was in probation for domestic assault.

Deputy Gullett asked Erquhart if he had been drinking. He said he had a couple of beers while waiting to see the probation officer. Deputy Gullett was then advised the probation office had asked him to leave because he was drinking.

Erquhart was unable to satisfactorily perform a series of field sobriety tests administered by Deputy Gullett. A search of his vehicle uncovered two 12-ounce beer bottles inside.

Erquhart was placed under arrest and charged with DUI. His bond was set at $3,000. He is scheduled to make his initial court appearance on Nov. 1.