Look for recaps, unique stories



Well, the fall sports season for all of the Cannon County teams has begun. Each of the teams at every age group has started the 2015 campaign hoping to be competitive in each game. Of course, it means expanded coverage in the sports section of the Cannon Courier each week, and here are my plans for this school year.

You have come to expect game recaps from each of the teams here locally, and I will work on making sure we give up the most detailed recap of every sporting event here in Cannon County every week. However, I also want you the readers to get to know these athletes and coaches a little bit better, than just what happened on the field of play each week. So, besides the game recaps, I also plan to doing profile stories on some of the well-deserved athletes here in town along with maybe some of the coaches, too. However, most of them do not like talking about themselves, and they would want the attention to go to their players instead.

From time to time, there will also be unique feature stories on different events here in the area. For example, some of the teams have new uniforms this season, and this week's CCHS football home opener will debut the new lights at the football stadium.
However, I am really excited about the new feature, "10 Questions with a Cannon County Student-Athlete, which will debut this week with my personal touch to the same questions I will ask to an athlete each week. The goal is to have some fun, while getting to know these players a little bit better. Here are my answers to the 10 questions I will be asking each week:

Favorite Food: Salad
Favorite Sport to Watch on TV: Motorsports
Favorite Team: The U.S. Olympic Team
Favorite Subject in School: History
Favorite Part about Covering Cannon County Sports: Getting kids names in the paper and telling their stories.
(Each week I will ask the athletes: Favorite Part about Playing for Cannon County)
Future Career Choice: Journalism (I have always wanted to do it growing up)
Favorite Athlete: Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews
Biggest Influence In My Life: My grandparents
Favorite TV show or movie: The Newsroom
Favorite Musician, Book or Author: Christian author Max Lucado

Here are the plans for this school year, and I am very excited the fall season is finally here. If you have any story ideas I should look into please email me at dhunter@cannoncourier.com or contact the office at (615) 563-2512.