Local Republicans Call For County Audit Committee


Dear Concerned Citizens of Cannon County,

Just as every responsible family must understand where each dollar is spent, it is doubly important for a government to be above reproach with the people's funds. It inspires confidence, trust, and faith in the decisions of our elected officials. An independent audit committee would be a great step towards a responsible government. Please contact your respective commissioners to support the following request.

Formal Request of the Cannon County Republican Party to the Cannon County Commission to consider formation of a County Audit Committee

Whereas, the Republican Party sees the need for government that is accountable to the taxpayers for the tax money that it has collected and spent,

Whereas, it has been brought to the attention of the officers of the Cannon County Republican Party, by a news article in the Cannon Courier, that the recent state audit of Cannon County Government revealed numerous instances of potential fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer's money,

Whereas, it is a fact that the county government cannot print money when it spends all of the taxes it has collected and must instead raise taxes or cut services to its citizens,

Whereas, the state audit report notes that certain officials of Cannon County management appear to be either unwilling or unable to address these deficiencies,

Whereas, the state audit encourages the Cannon County Commission to form a county audit committee to address these shortcomings of the management of the taxpayers' money and provide guidance to county management on how to fix these deficiencies;

Therefore, the Cannon County Republican Party formally requests the Cannon County Commission to consider, in their January commission meeting, to heed the advice of the auditors and establish an audit committee, that is independent of county management, in order to address the numerous financial management deficiencies that, if left unchecked, could lead to waste, fraud and abuse of the taxpayers money as well as an unnecessary property tax increase.