Lions Collecting For White Cane This Weekend

Woodbury Lions Club will be having a road block to collect  for White Cane on Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th.

White Cane donations help many projects within the Middle Tennessee area. Charities such as Middle Tennessee Lions Sight Services, Leader Dogs for the Blind and Tennessee School for the Blind, to name a few, receive money from the Lions Club through White Cane without having to solicit donations from each individual club.

The clubs throughout middle Tennessee pool their money together to get more services then one club could do alone.

Middle Tennessee Lions Sight Services works with Vanderbilt Hospital in providing sight saving surgeries to people that can not afford the procedure or do not have insurance and are in danger of losing their eyesight.

Leader Dogs train the dogs to assist sight impaired persons.

Tennessee School for the Blind educates sight impaired students and prepares them for life.

Many more organizations benefit from White Cane so when you see us in the road this Friday and Saturday please donate. Your donations help so many people in Tennessee.