Lights Out: Quartet Charged With Promoting Meth Manufacture

A traffic stop for a headlight violation led to the arrest of four persons on charges of promoting the manufacture of methamphetamine on March 4.

Patrolman John Fesmire of the Woodbury Police Dept. stopped a 1995 Jeep Cherokee traveling south on South McCrary St.

During the course of the stop and ensuing investigation, it was learned that all four occupants of the vehicle had been to multiple area stores and purchased materials commonly used in the manufacture of meth, including pseudoephedrine, cold packs, coffee filters and Coleman fuel.

Facing promotion of meth charges are Robert M. Scott and Cynthia D. Thomas, both of 935 Simpson Rd., Bradyville, and Brian N. Wells and Jacqueline L. Barrett, both of 3041 Jim Cummings Hwy., Woodbury.

Bond for Scott, Thomas and Barrett was set at $10,000 each. Wells was also charged with possession of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia. His bond was set at $12,000. Both Scott and Wells claimed indigency and were appointed attorneys in court Tuesday.

All four are scheduled to make their initial appearance in Cannon County General Sessions Court on April 19.