Life — And Love — Continues At The Courthouse


Life — And Love — Continues At The Courthouse

Members of Preston Brothers clearing out concrete from the sidewalks.
Life goes on at the Cannon County Courthouse even as construction crews begin their work on the Courthouse Square Revitalization Project.

With the sounds of heavy machinery coming from outside the building, Cannon County executive Mike Gannon performed a marriage ceremony Thursday, as Betty Faye Taylor and Phillip Hollandsworth wed in the courtroom.

Work on the project is expected to continue until early April of next year. Some interruption of traffic in the downtown area will occur from time-to-time. Monday and Tuesday (Dec. 14-15), West Water Street will be blocked off to thru traffic. Barriers will be in place near the Child Advocacy Center and Bromley/Jennings Motors.

County Executive Mike Gannon listening to the sound of progress as the heavy equipment of The Preston Brothers Construction Company starts renovating the Courthouse square.