Library reopens as work continues

Library reopens as work continues | Library reopens

Work continues on Adams Memorial Library but the facility is open this week.

"We are still offering limited services," said Librarian Rita Allen, "but our computers are up and running."

Computers, and their connection to the Internet, are a major draw for library visitors.

A bright, new computer room is an important part of the addition to Dr. and Mrs. J.F. Adams Library. State consultants were busy Friday connecting the computers to their new network.

The library was closed last week as staff and volunteers scrambled for Monday's opening.

"We had hoped to be farther along, but the rain really interfered with our plans. Its hard _ impossible _ to move library books in the rain," Allen said.

Bringing all the collections out of storage and reshelfing them in order takes time.

No library fines will be charged for days the library was closed.

Part of the work includes a new library automation system that uses the barcode number on the back of your library card. That library account opens up new online worlds for users. Just go to and look under the "Library Catalog" entry and the top of the page.