Letter: Woodbury sure has changed

To the editor

When my family moved here about 48 years ago, Woodbury had eight-party telephone lines. You usually couldn't use your telephone in the evening because some young lady was talking to her boyfriend. You could hear every word they were saying if you wanted to listen.

Also if you wanted to buy an alcoholic beverage (I never wanted to) you had to go to Murfreesboro or somewhere because this was a dry county. Yes, moonshine was made here, but not legally.

How things have changed. Now we have our own legal moonshine still and make a big ta-doo on the front page of the newspaper about their first anniversary.

I wonder if we had anything to say about it, if we wouldn't vote for same sex marriage also.

By the way, thanks for the big improvement in the walking track at Dillon Park. It is used by many of our citizens and is a boost to the health of our community.

Don Watterhouse