LETTER: U Missed It!


U missed it!

An election commission meeting without fireworks!  Monday night 7/23/12 the election commission meeting was held, void of the rudeness, arrogance, demeaning comments, and belligerence to which, unfortunately we recently had become accustomed. Just what has come over these individuals? Surely you don’t think they became bosom buddies over the weekend. Was this unexpected courtesy shown by the commission due to the arrival of our newest commissioner? Sounds plausible, but that isn’t the answer. It was obvious from the early stages of the meeting that an unexpected transformation had taken place.  However, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to determine what was happening. A small video camera brought by one of our commissioners seemed mysteriously to serve as the ice breaker or maybe a temporary peacemaker.  

Very similar to the Washington politicians who are caught discussing less than flattering comments by an “open mike” some of the election commissioners changed their mode of operation when faced with the citizens of our county viewing their antagonist actions.  Realizing they were on camera they became what would have been unheard of in the past, courteous to their fellow commissioners. In fact it was so conspicuous and so apparent I wasn’t sure it was the same commissioners.  

No surprise two of the commissioners had a concern that the video might be illegal, and felt the need to confer with a lawyer prior to next months’ meeting at which time video would (as I understand it ) appear on the agenda.  There should be one goal and one goal only for the Cannon County election commission – purity at the ballot box, without any hint of fraud. We cannot continue to have commissioners willing to sacrifice good employees without merit and at the expense of the tax payers of the county in litigation and settlement fees just to save their turf. Each of us deserve better from our elected officials, business leaders and appointed commissioners.  If they don’t stop pulling in different directions and being so concerned about political affiliation and the good old buddy system and start working together as a team with ALL our citizens, you can expect more and more lawsuits to follow.  

Video or no video. The jury is out. I suggest continue the video and attend the election commission meetings. Then you can see for yourself who shows Dr. Jeckle or Mr. Hyde.

James W. Hill III
Woodbury, Tn. 37190