Letter: Thanks to those who helped

To the editor:

It has been a long time coming, but we finally established water at Miss Elanor Watkins. I would take this time to thank everyone who had a part in this cause.

The total of the project was $9,264, that is tap-waterline-backhoe service and electricity. Thanks to all. This is a list of all donations:

Workers included Jimmy Williams, Jimmy Ramsey, Marty Williams, Dwayne Ashford, Cory Ashford, Jerry Petro, Bill Avera and Karen Ashford.

There was a small meal on Saturday night with Mrs. Watkins, her daughter and the workers to celebrate and give her a time to thank all the workers.

Donations were made by Cooper Chapel Baptist Church in DeKalb County, Sycamore Baptist Church, Upper Helton Baptist Church in DeKalb County, Jimmy and Judy Williams, Wade and Karen Ashford, David and Susanne Dunn, Gary and Jama Hancock, Woodbury Church of Christ, Jennings Jewelers, Parsley’s Market and Cannon Market.

Jim Bush

Third District Commissioner