Letter: Speaking to registered voters


To the editor:

This letter goes out to all you registered voters in Tennessee who never vote!

We have early voting which is what I like to do. I'm afraid if I wait til Election Day, the lines will be too long, and like most folks I don't have a lot of extra time on my hands for waiting in line with the other procrastinators.

Also, a lot of people have given up on our politicians. They've been let down, or our electives don't live up to what they thing should be done in office. Many thing their votes don't count. But it does!

The people who say that don't vote! That's why it doesn't count. I for one, will always put my two cents in and throw my vote in the hat. It is about the only right we Americans have now! Freedom of speech is almost abolished, as many of our other rights.

Our veterans work so hard to preserve our freedom in the greatest country on earth. Please get out this next election coming up and do your American duty. Push that button of your choice! Don't wait til the last minute Tennessee! Get in and do early voting. No long lines, only takes three minutes.

It feels so good to get it down and know your vote does count. As soon as your children turn 18, take them to register. I did! My kids always saw me campaigning and my interest in making our town a better place to live. Instill in your family how important it is to keep this American tradition going. We love America as my house! God bless Tennessee! Vote registered voters!

Charlotte Green Crockett