LETTER: Sheriff Young Made Right Decision


Since the Sheriff stopped using the inmates at the convenience center I have heard from only one person who said he should send them back. This person ate breakfast with me at Joe’s Place. He went as far to say that it would hurt the Sheriff in the next election. I say phooey to that.

The sheriff identified the problem of drugs getting into the jail and took action. Isn’t that what we are paying him for? Did he sweep it under the rug and try to keep it from people? No. He let it be out. I understand that someone put a derogatory sign over at the convenience center stating that there were no more prisoners unloading your garbage, “thanks to the working sheriff”. Yes, thank you Sheriff Young for doing your job and keeping the county out of a lawsuit which could be caused by inmates under the influence of drugs. That is why I voted for you.

The people that work over there knew that they wouldn’t be unloading refuge, it was intended that people dump their own garbage.

Is it easier to stay in your vehicle and have someone else take out the trash and dump it for you? Well yes. But is it necessary? No. Everyone around here is used to working. When the convenience center opened we knew we would have to dump it ourselves. And what happened when we did that?  No longer was our trash being put over the guardrail in our county. The convenience center is a good thing, but it wasn’t in the plans to use inmate labor.

The sheriff let them go over there and work to help out the county, and the inmates themselves were helped out by doubling their jail credits. They are the ones to blame for no longer being over there, not the sheriff. And ultimately it is his decision; and I personally think it was a good decision.  If you think so also let the sheriff know; I find him easy to talk to.

Bob Stoetzel
112 Houston Lane
Beaver Dam