LETTER: Schools should fly flag

I wanted to voice my disappointment in the fact that the Cannon County area elementary schools are not flying our American flag. This is an ongoing matter as I have checked over several weeks. I called the school board on this matter. I was advised that it is up to the Principal’s discretion. Being a VietNam Veteran and a Marine, I feel that this is unpatriotic and un-American. Is it not enough that schools have removed the Pledge of Allegiance as to not offend anyone’s religion?

The American flag however is representative of EVERY American and EVERY state. It has been carried by soldiers who have fought for the freedoms of this country since the Revolutionary War. It represents the unity of this country and the privileges that have been bled for all of us to be called American. To fly the American flag should not be up to the Principal’s discretion although he/she should want to pay homage to those who served for this country. I would like to salute the high school for continuing to honor our troops.
I fought for my country with this flag, I honor my country with this flag, and when I pass, this flag shall be draped over me.

A Concerned Marine