LETTER: Real Motives Can Be Seen Through Smoke Screens


(Re: Ronald Lawson’s Letter)

To all Citizens of Cannon County, who are deserving of clear and solid answers to the matters that Mr. Lawson’s letter cites regarding the Polling Place topic, alleged misconduct (with out citing any proof to substantiate his claims) and other statements and assertions. Mr. Lawson has never contacted me regarding the claims he makes in his letter.

For about 140 years straight, up until 2009, the Election Commissions in all 95 Counties in Tennessee were controlled by the Democrat Party, who by most accounts placed the “majority” three Election Commissioners and the Republican Party placed the remaining two, for a total of 5.

Across the great State of Tennessee, County Election Commissions are now with Republican majorities. This fact, this change, has chapped some Democrats who haved cried fowl, initiated lawsuits and other forms of complaining. Some complaints have been straight forward, others have been masked in biased and uninformed claims.

The statements I have made regarding other Election Commission Members are and remain, factual. Stating facts and quotes that preceeded the Polling Place votes is not a belittling act toward any Commissioners.

 Mr. Lawson’s assertion or prescription, “To settle the disagreement with other committee members, Studd should have done discussed the matter with other committee members in private and kept it out of the paper.” is in direct contradiction to the very law (Sunshine Law) he quotes later on in paragraph 2.

The matter of cost effectiveness and spending tax resources wisely is once again ignored in Lawson’s letter. I did not hear, nor has any other person related to me the allegations made about AOE Stan Dobson. The main theme of Mr. Lawson’s letter appears to be centered on criticizing the current Administator, his salary, and other matters he is unhappy with.

This County does not belong to Mr. Lawson. It never has and never will. The “Outsider” mentally and assertions as to who pays taxes, where and how much, does nothing to advance better government, or better Communities.

Matt Studd
Cannon County Election Commissioner