LETTER: Quarry Must Be Stopped


The planned Stones River Quarry at the intersection of John Bragg Hwy. and Bradyville Rd. must be stopped.  The negative impact to those of us who live in the area relative to property values, structural damage, increased highway deterioration, safety issues, and quality of life will be significant.  

In addition, the entire county will suffer due to reduction in desirability for new businesses and residents to locate within Cannon County.  Do we need a repeat of the disaster across the road from the Arts Center? How many ugly structures and businesses owned by outside entities with no thought to what benefits county residents and businesses can John Bragg Hwy. absorb?

We can no longer tolerate those who would come into our neighborhoods, live off of our assets, depress property values, and discourage advantageous growth. Growth in a community is good and inevitable and cannot be stopped, but it can be controlled.

The rights of those who have made a life for their families in Cannon County cannot be ignored and should take precedence over those who would join our community. To fight this it will take a concerted community effort.

Bonnie Thomas
www.blpgt415@gmail.com/  (615) 563-4128
Member, Stop the Stones River Quarry Action Committee