Letter: Protect Medicare Advantage


To the Editor,

I chose my Medicare Advantage plan because of its added benefits not available with traditional Medicare, and I'm pleased with my decision. Advantage policies also help senior citizens control costs as we're able avoid the high co-payments of regular Medicare. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act brought an enormous cut to the Medicare Advantage program, so there's no room left for further reductions.

The effects of this massive cut are beginning to be felt, and millions of America seniors with limited incomes will pay the biggest price if Congress slashes the program again. Advantage policies often include valuable services including vision, dental, wellness and mental health. Without appropriate funding in place for the Advantage program, seniors are likely to lose these benefits and have higher out-of-picket costs. My husband and I rely on a number of prescriptions, so we can't easily handle increased medication co-pays.

Older Tennesseans are counting on our officials to help ensure that we keep the benefits we paid into our entire working lives. I ask for everyone's help in reminding our members of Congress that Medicare Advantage is a vital program that must be protected.

Carolyn Fults