LETTER: Parent Concerned About Head Lice

To whom it may concern:

I have a step child that goes to the elementary school in Auburntown. I am concerned about the way the school is handling the issue of head lice.

About a month and a half before school let out for the summer my step child came home with lice. We treated the child and disinfected everything in the house. The child missed school on Monday and returned to school on Tuesday.

The child was checked by the principal or vice principal and was told everything was fine and go to class. When the child arrived to the classroom they were told by the teacher that nobody knew of the lice and the students were told they were ill. Then ten days later we re-treated the child and disinfected everything again to make sure no nits hatched. Then one week after that, we rechecked to make sure there was none in the child's hair.

Now that school has gotten out for summer time, the child has been playing with the friends and family that go to the school. As of yesterday the child has lice again!

My concern is this ... when the school first checked the child a week before the first outbreak we were told there was no lice. Then when the child returned to school there was no note sent to any other parents letting them know to check their children for lice. I am wondering why the school is choosing to hide the lice outbreak instead of doing what they are supposed to be doing and informing the parents so this can be dealt with instead of being passed from child to child.

Please notify the citizens of Cannon County to check their children for lice so they can be treated in the proper way. We are contacting the parents of the children our child has been in contact with this past week or so but our child has been to church and parties and such things. Our child has been through enough of the chemical treatment and this needs to be stopped. I have contacted the health department and am now going to contact the school board regarding the lack of importance they are giving to this matter.

Thank you,

A concerned citizen and parent