Letter: Observations from aging parent

To the Editor:
I am sitting on the patio at the Bridge, an assisted living facility, listening to the lonesome sound of a freight train and watching the heavy traffic on Murfreesboro Road.
My husband of 61 years is a resident next door at Life Care, a rehab and long-term care facility. We can't be together because of state rules and regulations.
When the state tells people all the ways to care for the elderly and handicapped they don't mention the costs or inconveniences involved. They need to rethink their caring processes.
My husband and I took our marriage vows: for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health seriously and lived them fully. Now we would like to be together to live the last one ... till death do us part.
Abide with me, t'is eventide.

Georgia Gannon