LETTER: I Will Vote You Out Of Your Positions

I don't understand what you are doing moving our voting places. You say you are saving money. All I can do is to tell it like I see it.

I am a proud citizen of beautiful Cannon County. I am a transplant and have lived here on Short Mountain Road for almost four years. I love this state.

You are asking me to go vote in Gassaway as opposed to Short Mountain School. Short Mountain School is 2 miles from my house. Gassaway is 6 miles on Big Hill which is a fair weather road. Gassaway is over 12 miles on River Road which is a fair weather road. This means in conditions which happen from time to time, these roads are hazardous and shouldn't even be used. They are closed in bad weather. My other options are traveling to McMinnville Highway to Woodbury to Highway 53 to Gassaway which is about 20 miles. Or I could go to Smithville to 70 to Liberty to 53 to Gassaway which is about 25 to 30 miles.

I have heard some of my neighbors say they just won't vote. That's not an option for me. I will vote and I will vote you out of your positions come next election. This is ridiculous.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Fletcher

cc: Secretary of State/Head of Elections: Tre Hargatt

Senator: Mae Beavers

Representative: Mark Pody